Better late than never

We have and continue to do a lot of work on our house. Its a daunting, but fun process and we thought its time to start documenting our fun with a blog. Not only for our benefit of looking back in a nice, clean format, but others may find some of this information useful…maybe. Either way, hopefully it will be an enjoyable read.

We closed on the house in December 2015, did some major renovations for 2 months and moved into the house at the end of February 2016. Since then, we have completed more projects We have owned our house for about two years now and Ann has convinced me that our life and renovations are cool enough to share with the world.

We loved the house as soon as we saw it. We also loved the price tag at $140,000 but knew it would require a complete overhaul. Between an architect and an engineer, we could do this, right? Two years later and we have given this house a new life and made it our own. We love mid century styling and try to incorporate whenever we can. Not everything we do fits the mcm style, but most everything fits the essence of modernism. With endless projects always on our to-do list, we will share what worked, what didn’t, what we would have done differently, and what we’re working on now.

Here’s a summary of the major improvements we’ve made to date:

  • All new flooring
  • All new paint (walls and ceilings)… after removing a plethora of wallpaper
  • Demo walls in kitchen and dining room and installed a beam to create one big kitchen/ dining/ living room space
  • Moved the spare room closet over, eliminating the hallway linen closet. Expanded the master closet into the former spare room closet to double in size
  • Removed all door frames from bedroom closets and installed drywall openings to accomodate sliding doors
  • All new drywall in the kitchen
  • New ceiling can lights in the kitchen/ living/ dining space
  • Moved laundry from basement to first floor former office; new plumbing, new utility sink, new washer and dryer, shelving, can lighting
  • New kitchen- cabinets, counter tops, appliances, pendant lighting
  • New bathroom vanities and toilets
  • Removed wood trim pieces from front door and painted it
  • Gutted the basement (carpet, drywall, suspended ceiling, doors)
  • New windows in basement
  • Replaced roof
  • Replaced septic system leach lines and distribution box
  • New pool patio
  • Demo old tree house
  • Replaced gutters
  • Cleaned up landscaping- cut down two pine trees that were way to close to the back of the house, new shrubs in the front of the house, cut down rotting trees in the backyard, cleaned up around the deck and other garden areas
  • Cleaned and stained the deck

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