My girlfriend Ann is an environmental engineer and I am an intern architect and together we are exploiting our house and property as a creative outlet. We have done, and continue to do a lot of work on our house. It has proven to be both challenging and rewarding.

bit of background

Ann and I actually went to high school together in a very small town near Geneseo, NY with a graduating class of about 70. She was 1 year ahead of me. Although we dated other people, we were best friends through high school and into college. We kept in touch and decided to start dating a couple years into college.

We both graduated from college in 2014. Myself from the University at Buffalo with a BS in Architecture and Ann from Stevens Institute of Technology. After graduation, we moved to Rochester, NY together and got our first apartment. I ended up at the firm I had interned previously at, and Ann landed a job across the street.

where do we work?

I am currently working at an architecture firm in Rochester, NY as a designer, lead drafter, and BIM manager. Our home becomes an outlet for me to try new things (Ann keeps be reigned in) and also gives me an opportunity to learn first hand, on a small scale, some of the skills necessary and challenges faced on construction projects.

Ann is currently working at an A&E firm across the street from me in Rochester as a environmental engineer and project manager. Owning a home and working on projects together has allowed her to discover and explore new interests.

We have both enjoyed learning and developing new skills as we continue to build equity in our home.

i guess we’re bloggers now?

This blog came about because we thought it would be a nice way to document and share the things we have done around our house. And who knows, maybe other people will find something useful out of our experiences.

I’m guessing the name of our site will bring about some criticism. We are millennials because we were both born in the year 1991. But we are not stereotypical millennials (not better or worse). We do not have any social media and we tend to fit in with an older crowd. We lean toward a modernist aesthetic, and we don’t like a lot of embellishment or nic-nacs. And of course we love 50s and 60s vintage (mid century) styling, but I don’t think that makes us very unique… who doesn’t love an Eames chair?! I’m sure some will still have criticism; however, let’s not forget …it’s only a name.

legal, important

I would like to take a moment to say that this blog should not be used as a how-to or reference for projects that require professionals or permits. This blog is a documentation of our personal experiences. Any instructionals should be used as reference only. Always use our instructionals in combination with other resources to ensure you are properly educated prior to starting a project. Always contact your local authority to make sure you are doing everything to code and get a permit and/or contractor for the appropriate work. We do our best to do everything safely and to code (I deal with codes every day so I am very familiar) and hire a professional when it is appropriate. I am not yet a licensed architect and we do not currently provide consulting services, nor will we take any responsibility or liability for projects you take on due to reading this blog.

We will; however, do our best to answer any questions you might have and are happy to elaborate on our personal experiences!